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Warehousing Concepts

Versatility in Warehouse Selection
With a fast growing economic and infrastructure development in Asia, a vast number of facility options has emerged each designed for a different purpose and governed under different regulatory frameworks such as general, bonded, Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and Bonded Logistics Park (BLP) warehouses. A prudent selection of the right option at the right location is a crucial decision in achieving the business target set for the implementation of the warehousing solution.

Through our strong consulting approach coupled with our versatility in warehouse selection and a flexible mode of operation, we help you to identify the right option that best fits the supply-chain requirements of you and your trading partners.

We offer a wide range of warehousing solutions covering buyer&rsquos consolidation, origin warehousing and distribution.

Buyer’s Consolidation
Our Buyer’s Consolidation Program helps you to combining cargoes from multiple suppliers delivered on different dates, which are then stored for a short period. Our warehousing solutions thus consolidate the cargoes from your pool of suppliers at origin in order to reduce the direct LCL shipments. By forming your own consolidation container, cargoes with multiple origins can be consigned straight to their final destination. This holds a huge potential for optimized container utilization and reduced logistics costs. Quality Control can be arranged prior to loading in order to ensure consistent quality and to avoid costly return cargoes from overseas. Our Order Management System allows you to view and track the order-fulfillment status of all shipments along the entire supply chain.

Origin Warehousing
Compared to storing cargoes over a short period of time in a Buyer’s Consolidation program, Origin Warehousing maintains stocks for a longer term. You can thus pull materials, components and goods directly from stock and reduce the fulfillment time. While such a warehouse was traditionally located at destination, the low cost structure as well as improved skills, qualities and technologies in Asia, the concept of Origin Warehousing has become practicable and increasingly popular. By treating warehouses at origin as your extended stock points, you benefit, amongst others, from the low value-added services cost, the opportunity to mix products for delivery to points of sale and the reduction of distribution costs at destination. Most importantly, you maintain real-time visibility and full control over your inventory at origin through our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Whatever kind of warehousing solutions you are looking for, our experts with logistics know-how at the forefront will be able to assist you.

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