Future for the Children

M+R Spedag Group supports the Muntigunung Project of the Future for Children Foundation
On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary in South East Asia, M+R Spedag Group has chosen to support the “Future For Children” Foundation with its ongoing Project in Muntigunung, Bali (Indonesia).
Since 2005, the Switzerland based nonprofit organization "Verein Zukunft für Kinder" (Future for Children Foundation), is running a development program in Muntigunung, with the aim to assist the appr. 5500 inhabitants of this less privileged region on the island of Bali to improve the general standard of living. One of the current projects run by the foundation is ease the chronic shortage of water, and to ensure a supply of at least 25 liters of waters per head and day. Other projects realized over the past years have included setting up of Cashew nut plantations and the production of Palm Sugar; aimed at giving the people a chance to generate income.

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, well known for its tropical landscape and exquisite resorts. But there are also lesser known facts about Bali. The northern mountainous and volcanic part of the island is very dry and arid due to geographical and climatic conditions. With an dry seasons lasting 8 months of the year, the impoverished women and children of Muntigunung struggle on a 5-hour long trek through ravines to fetch 5 gallons of fresh water every day.
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